A WEUSI Moment

Shows/Exhibitions & Studio Time In A Pictorial Display

Painting from the archives of Nappy Head Art 2006

1995- Che Baraka in conversation with the Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Stanwyck E. Cromwell standing next to " John Doe" an assemblage that relates to unsolved murders of black men in the urban neighborhoods.

2011- Robert Daniels at Skylight Gallery WEUSI Exhibition in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

2015 - Taiwo DuVall exhibit both his drumming skills & his artwork at Arts Horizon Leroy Neiman Arts Center in Harlem.

Jimmy James Greene in the Studio.

Jimmy James Greene with his painting in a show.

Rod Ivey at an exhibition standing next to his painting " Triplets ".

Dindga McCannon in the Studio creating a new quilt.

Dindga McCannon displaying one of her wearable art creations.

Karl McIntosh coming from the framer with " Soulful ".

Otto Neals at home being interviewed.

Otto Neals standing in front of a new mural. I will update this post.

Ademola Olugbefula in his Studio on 126th Street in Harlem.

Emmett Wigglesworth at the Jamaica Art Center. He is an artist -in- residence and working on the "Musicians & Dancer" series.

Emmett Wigglesworth poses with his entry for the Artcurian Exhibition at The Arthur Bennett Hall in downtown Brooklyn in 2010.

Ken Wright with one of his Glass-fusion sculptors mask.

In the Studio with Jimmy James Greene.....

Stanwyck E. Cromwell in the Studio

Bob Daniels, Art Internship Program at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx 2009.

Ademola Olugbefula

Arts Student League


Ademola Olugbefola

Dwyer Cultural Center


Art by Stanwyck Cromwell

Gallery owner Laura & patron

Art show titled "Ancestral Call "

August 7th, 2021

Newark, New Jersey

Dindga McCannon and son (Harmarkhis ) working on a mural- 2021.

Sharing is caring . Dindga & Harmarkhis working as a unit.

Mrs. Cromwell standing next to her husbands art at the Dorsey Gallery Show in September 2021.

A sample of the art at the WEUSI Artist Collective show at the Dorsey Gallery in Brooklyn, New York - August/ September 2021.

Artist extraordinaire WEUSI's Karl McIntosh taking a moment to pose in front of some of the art at the Dorsey Gallery show.

WEUSI Artist at Dorsey Gallery from left to right: Karl McIntosh, Deborah Singletary, Abdullah Aziz, current WEUSI President, MLJ Johnson, WEUSI co-originator Otto Neals, and Stanwyck Cromwell.

WEUSI President MLJ Johnson studying a painting by fellow artist Robert Daniels at the Dorsey Gallery show.

WEUSI Artist Ken Wright sharing a minute with a friend at the Dorsey Gallery show.

A young lady sharing a minute with WEUSI Artists ( left) Otto Neals and (right) MLJ Johnson.

An original co-founder Taiwo DuVall....

Two of the original co-founders of the WEUSI Artist Collective, Taiwo DuVall and Otto Neals, sharing a moment with Hortense DuVall and Current WEUSI President Professor MLJ Johnson at the Dorsey Gallery opening.

WEUSI Artist, Deborah Singletary proudly poses next to her work.