WEUSI Artist Collective

A WEUSI walk down memory lane: Something old, something new

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WEUSI, like many older art groups, has gone through periods of transition. These photos do not include all the recent members but they do reflect some of the members whom have moved on. We are thankful to these wonderful souls for each one has blessed us in his/her special way. We move forward on the strength of the ancestors. WEUSI continues to grow.

A reflection of some of the early WEUSI members. I am researching the date.

Otto Neals & Bob Daniels at Dorsey Gallery 2018

Dindga McCannon, master textile artist, painter, printmaker, mixed mediums specialist teaching.

Leroy Neumann Art Center 2010

Collaboration Exhibition at the Nyumba Ya Sanaa Gallery 1972.

I believe this photo was taken at the Nyumba Ya Sanaa Gallery in Harlem vintage late 60's.

WEUSI 1970- Can you name these members?

Dwyer Cultural Center, Harlem, New York 2010 -This was a massive show/exhibition open to the public for 8 months.

Che Baraka chatting with the Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo in 1995.

Newspaper clipping from the Amsterdam News written by Maitefa Angaza 2010

Flyer for a WEUSI Show vintage late 1960's.

A cassette Black Music & Art featuring Abdullah Aziz, Kay Brown, G. Falcon Beazer and Taiwo Shabazz. 1971

Harlem Art On My Mind Exhibition -1969

African-American Museum in Hempstead, N. Y. 2000

Black New York Artist of The 20th Century

November 18th, 1998